The Summit

Art is man's constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him.
- Chinua Achebe


Intellectual Property is fundamental to being human, and is a critical resource to individual, community, and economic life. Creative communities are vibrant, humanizing places, nurturing personal growth, sparking cultural and technological breakthroughs, producing jobs and wealth, and accepting a variety of lifestyles and cultures.
Intellectual Property resides in everyone, everywhere, thus, building a community of ideas means empowering people with the ability to express and use the genius of their creativity and bring it to bear as responsible citizens.

The Intellectual Property creative class has thus far not been accepted and has found no home to nest her numerous creative instincts and abilities. Creative individuals are strangers and foreigners in their own homeland and in a society that was designed by nature to celebrate intellectual property (creations of the mind).

The devastating consequences of IP theft and Rights infringements in the society call for serious debate and among the many measures that can be taken to reduce the theft of intellectual property, perhaps, none is more important than educating individuals and securing a consensus in the creative class and IP stakeholders discourse on the prevention of intellectual proprietary theft and protection of rights.

Public education/awareness is the single activity with the greatest potential for reducing losses. This summit will avail stakeholders the platform to define the responsibilities of the three tiers of Government in making the creative class safe from the vice of perennial IP thefts and Rights infringements.

“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity”  – Michael Porter

Great Ideas

Ideas and Intellectual property should be protected and carefully nutured so that society benefits the right way, this will in turn enhance growth...

Creative Economy

The future of our creative arts lies in the legislative foundation of Intellectual Property protection. This helps foster creativity...

New World

Our goal is to create a new market. One that thrives on innovation, creativity and hardwork. This will help to boost local content development...

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