There are different kinds of artists and very often, I'll be frank with you, I wish I were a different kind.
- Wole Soyinka

Sponsorship of the National IP Summit & Exhibition is an efficient and cost-effective way to reach the influential creative sector and IP stakeholders. Promote your brand to the top-notch industry leaders and youth market to encourage the fast-growing creative industries in Nigeria.


Benefits of Sponsorship

• Raise the profile of your organization amongst potential employees
• Publicise your vacancies, placements and internships
• Increase brand loyalty and brand differentiation
• Boost company or product awareness and visibility
• Drive retail traffic or sales
• Highlight corporate social responsibility
• Build new and deeper community networks
• Enhance company image
• Network a wider range of industry heads from one platform
• Product, service and brand visibility.
• Business exchange and bi-lateral involvements

Great Ideas

Ideas and Intellectual property should be protected and carefully nutured so that society benefits the right way, this will in turn enhance growth...

Creative Economy

The future of our creative arts lies in the legislative foundation of Intellectual Property protection. This helps foster creativity...

New World

Our goal is to create a new market. One that thrives on innovation, creativity and hardwork. This will help to boost local content development...

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