Privilege, you see, is one of the great adversaries of the imagination; it spreads a thick layer of adipose tissue over our sensitivity.
- Chinua Achebe

Time Line

The event is scheduled to hold from the 20th through the 21st of November, 2015. As companies’ strategise for the emerging economies and globalization in trade and commerce, it’s a good time to take up a competitive advantage in marketing and business management through IP, and innovative ideas and processes.


Breakfast Meeting

The Breakfast Meeting is an important avenue for dialogue on Intellectual Property Development, challenges facing the creative economy in Nigeria & how to engage influencers on the road to a National IP Summit. This meeting is designed to bring together needle movers in various sectors of the economy with a mission to indulge other stakeholders and prominent dignitaries in the movement to participate eligibly in the various sectors they represent. This forum creates an important avenue for the exchange of free ideas as they discuss the relevant elements and objectives towards a successful hosting of the National Intellectual Property Summit & Exhibition 2016 edition.

Pre-Summit & Press Conference

This World Press Conference/Pre-summit is scheduled to engage stakeholders and galvanise their interest towards organising the National Intellectual Property Summit & Exhibition 2016 edition. It is a public private partnership to bring all warring ends on the general discourse on intellectual property development in Nigeria.

We plan to present a platform to discuss the dire need for an IP Policy and advocate for a reform of the framework for Intellectual Property Rights in the country; thereby catering to new challenges faced by Intellectual Property owners and also use the platform to campaign against IP Rights infringements, Intellectual Property thefts, counterfeiting, fake goods and piracy in the country and by this spur on the creative class of the Nigerian Economy.

The Red Tag Campaign

The “RED TAG CAMPAIGN” is a creative and disruptive movement pioneering Intellectual Property with a theme tagged “RESPECT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY”. This campaign identifies with the general audience through numerous mediums, some of which include TV, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, online advertising and road walks using stickers and bumper stickers. The Red Tag Campaign is an awareness creation task which aims to make Intellectual Property the “only” course of discussion.

Creative Human Chain

The Creative Human Chain is a form of demonstration and protest in which supporters of the Intellectual Property Commission Bill Reform will form a human chain as a sign of Political Solidarity. This movement will exert motivation and create awareness for the respect of Intellectual Property; where arms will be interlocked from the Island to the Government House in Ikeja and will be the longest Human Chain ever chronicled by Guinness World Record.

The Endangered Kind: The Documentary

The Endangeredkind are a group of skilled, talented and entrepreneurial persons that are threatened with extinction due to lack of protection of their Intellectual Property Rights. As the logo implies “The Elephant in the room” signifies a topical issue that has not been addressed.

Endangeredkind is a documentary that aims to appraise the current state of Intellectal Property Development in Nigeria by looking at the value chain of IP and its veritable economic benefits. This inspiring documentary looks to inform the public on the importance of Intellectual Property as well as arouse human interests to take a remedial action. Various interviews will be held in respect to Intellectual Property, profiling various opinion leaders from different Nigeria markets to shed light on the importance of IP development to drive the movement for Intellectual
Property Reform in the Nation.

IP Education

The lack of basic IP Education in Academic Programs is alarming, thus one significant missing piece in a typical graduate education program is basic IP Education. IP law provides tools that can enhance an institution’s ability to capitalise on the value of its expertise and help it exploit innovative opportunities. Having an appreciation of the significance of Intellectual Property Law for further and higher education is essential. This is one of the IP Policies to be implemented by this movement.

This is an insight into what IP is or what IP isn’t. It’s part of the IP documentary which entails thecampaign of IP reign in Nigeria.

Intellectual Property could mean Patent to you, Copyright to some, Trademarks to others and to a few all of these and many more. Intellectual Property is an intangible asset to every company and human with a creative idea, but without a Policy to protect those assets they are endangered. To tell us what Intellectual Property means to you, we have created a forum on social media where your meaning can be shared with the whole world. This is an expression of IP Personalisation with the aim of creating experiences derived from people’s intellectual assets.

This educative process proposes that IP exists in more ways than one and is found in everyday objects like cars, computers, drugs, plants, books, shoes, clothes, wristwatches, every thought, every food we eat and everywhere we go. Economic empowerment is laid to waste every day of our lives from dawn to dusk by untapped intellectual assets.

IP theft and disrespect of IP Laws have caused the extinction of many ideas, innovations and valuable creations of the mind. People’s ideas have been manipulated and converted; intellectual property continues to die while oil rich Nigeria has failed in many ways beyond its success. Intellectual property should be discussed and its laws implemented. Everyday, a plethora of ideas are either exploited or unharnessed and this birthed the Respect Intellectual Property(RIP) campaign. The campaign is a metaphor referencing the death of IP due to lack of protection and development, hence; the need to respect intellectual property and the creations of the mind.

Policy Direction & Draft Team

The importance of a ‘Policy Direction and Draft Team’ in this project is second to none. A Public Private Partnership team will be set up to draft and propose a robust Intellectual Property Bill which will be introduced to the National Assembly for consideration and implementation. The draft team will be made up of members from the entire value chain of intellectual property community.

Shoe Boxes

The Shoe Box campaign are giant shoe boxes constructed and placed at strategic experience locations with large human influx. The campaign is designed to collect IP Reform signatures to support the proposal at the National Assembly as various known and unknown individuals sign petitions for the respect of Intellectual Property. The Shoe Box is an object that will be valued for its connection with the Intellectual Property movement at this time and the future. It is structured to occupy digital space and serve as a memorabilia.

The Coca-Cola Campaign

This campaign is to prioritise engagement in the development and promotion of Intellectual Property awareness by creating offline digital experiences around the Coca-Cola ‘Share’ campaign. The campagin will emphasis the need for the respect of Intellectual Property through this pop-culture partnership with the CocaCola brand to increase engagements and awareness.

In a world where innovation and value creation is the order of the day, the increasing recognition of the role of Intellectual Property for economic prosperity cannot be over looked in our journey to the right economic framework. Therefore, as new opportunities open in Trade & Investments, the need for greater awarenes

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