Aims & Objectives

My weapon is literature.
- Chinua Achebe

1. To set a unique standard for the promotion and legal protection of intellectual property.

2. To build a super market for Intellectual Property in Africa.

3. To set an industry standard in the exhibition and promotion of science and technology, R&D, innovation, ideas, creative works and inventions through National IP Summit & Exhibition.

4. To build an institute for Spawning, Research & Development, Technology Cluster Formation, Technology Transfer and Brokerage.

5. To initiate and support the motion for an IP policy.

6. To support intellectual property policies with sound economic management, good infrastructure and other appropriate policies in areas such as education, science and technology, culture, taxes, investment regulations, production and technical incentives, trade and competition.

7. Educating local communities, businesses and the public on the potential benefits of the intellectual property framework; providing assistance to inventors/innovators/producers/creators on how to use intellectual property protection to their commercial advantage; and supporting efforts of stakeholders’ organizations in this area.

8. To encourage the relentless pursuit of perfection and optimal solutions through the rhythm of fit and the art of ingenuity with R&D.

9. To recognize creative individuals and organizations without any forms of bias, through the Creative Nerd’ Awards.

10. To have the best Summits and Exhibitions discussing IP issues globally.

11. To help industries and corporations everywhere in the world to achieve excellence, increase profits and maximize cost through the engagement of intellectual proprietary works.

12. To start up an IP fund for Africa.

Great Ideas

Ideas and Intellectual property should be protected and carefully nutured so that society benefits the right way, this will in turn enhance growth...

Creative Economy

The future of our creative arts lies in the legislative foundation of Intellectual Property protection. This helps foster creativity...

New World

Our goal is to create a new market. One that thrives on innovation, creativity and hardwork. This will help to boost local content development...

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